Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational 2014: July 25th-26th

Welcome To The 2014 GTDRI News Section: Here's where you can find all the latest scuttlebutt on the GTDRI for this year....
7/25/14: Looks like I will not be camping tonight. I need a bit of extra special rest after some physical issues that arose due to my son's bowling party! See ya'all in the morning bright and early though!

7/23/14- The 2014 version of the GTDRI will be dedicated to Phyllis "Phyl" Michel who died Tuesday at age 83. She was a faithful rider for years who piled on up to 10,000 miles every year well into her 70's and rode about 5G last year alone. Her memorial service is the day of the ride, but I figured she'd rather have us out riding, so this one is for you, Phyl! 

7/23/14: Everything is a go for the ride. The first four or so miles will be pavement, unfortunately, to get us out of the park, but then we'll hit good ol gravel for a bit till Strawberry Point. NOTE: RAGBRAI will be passing through there Saturday, so we'll likely have some other cyclists to deal with! 

7/21/14: The cues are now posted HERE for this weekend's ride.  
7/18/14: The Iowa DNR has confirmed the existence of a Black Bear and possibly two cubs in the area where we will be riding. While this is of some concern, I don't see it as a threat, since bears rarely go out onto open roads or areas where humans typically are found. Still, we'll want to keep an eye out!.

 7/2/14:  The ride will definitely start and end in Backbone State Park. This park has camping facilities and is a short jaunt from Strawberry Point, if a motel is more your thing. Cues are being worked on and will be posted soon. Right now, the modified loop is  116.3 miles.   Stay tuned.....

1/25/14: The GTDRI for 2014 will be on July 26th, a Saturday. A Gathering will occur the day before. The route will be a reprise of the '09-'10 route in Northeast Iowa. Stay tuned for details! 

7/15/12:The GTDRI was a big success! 9 intrepid riders showed up from as far away as Kansas and Nebraska for this edition of the ride. It was hot, humid, we got rained on, and all in all had a great time. 6 finished the complete 120 mile course.   A BIG THANK YOU to all you who made the ride awesome!  Links  to the story on this one- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part  3.1 , Part  4

08/01/11:  Another GTDRI In The Books! We got in right at 100 miles with temps in the upper 90's and brutal heat in the afternoon. Thanks to all in attendance. It was awesome to see all of you.  Report #1 Here. Report #2 Here

 7/19/10: The GTDRI 2010 Report can be found here: Into The Heat   It was a really hot day with temperatures reaching into the mid-90's with high humidity and little wind. A recipe for a truncated version of the GTDRI. That has only happened once before due to a thunderstorm back in 2007. Thanks to Jeremy Fry and Jason Boucher for coming along on this burnt, crispy critter of a ride! 

Hit me with an e-mail if you want to let me know you'll be there or if you have any questions. I'll post up any last minute changes later if there are any. Stay tuned!